Tuesday , 20 April 2021

Govt is being strict in the immoral activities of Bangladeshis in Malaysia

The government is going to impose restrictions on the immoral activities of Bangladeshis in Malaysia. In two cases, the government is going to be in a strong position by the ongoing Bangladeshis, according to multiple sources. Recently, Saidul Islam, a young Bangladeshi man, stabbed a Malaysian girl in the face with a sharp knife after she turned down his love proposal. The accused was produced in a Malaysian court on Friday on the basis of such allegations.

Following the conviction, the judge sentenced the young man to 20 years in prison under Section 327 of the Penal Code for using a sharp weapon and hitting a Malaysian girl with intent to kill.

Prosecution lawyer Asrafi Kamruzzaman said the convict would not be released on bail.

According to media sources, Bangladeshi youth Saidul had been proposing love to the girl for a long time. But the young woman did not respond to his love. On February 12, he proposed to the girl again at a shopping mall in Kota Damansara, near the capital Kuala Lumpur. The young woman rejected him like every time. Saidul got angry and hit the Malaysian girl in the face with a sharp knife.

Petaling Jaya District Assistant Chief of Police Mohammad Johnny Che Din said the 24-year-old girl immediately informed the police about the incident. He was later admitted to University Malaya Medical Center Hospital for treatment. The doctor on duty said that the woman’s lip had been cut about five inches.

Saidul, a 20-year-old Bangladeshi man, was later detained following an allegation by an injured woman. The convict Saidul was working as an assistant in a local mobile shop. Due to this incident, anti-Bangladesh anger is prevailing among the local Malays.

Two Bangladeshi abductors have been shot dead by police this month. Malaysia’s national daily Star Online reported that two Bangladeshis were shot dead in a police operation on the night of February 12 while rescuing a Bangladeshi abducted from a house in the country’s Taman Mudun, Batu 9 Cheras area.

Police claim the abductors were between 30 and 35 years old. However, the police have not yet released the names of the killed and rescued Bangladeshis. Police say the two Bangladeshis killed did not have any valid documents.

Ahmed Jafir Yusuf, assistant commissioner of Kazang OCPD, said, ‘The police in Kuala Lumpur were on the lookout for an organized gang. They were staying at a small place in Batu 9 and Taman Mudun in Cheras during the day and night on the day of the incident. Police raided the house at 1.35pm. One person was suspected to have been abducted there. The kidnappers started firing from the house during the raid. Police fired back in self-defense.

Jafar Yusuf said, “We have successfully released the abductee. He was abducted from Sentul on February 8. A 9mm pistol and a machete were recovered from the spot. However, no documents were found from the victims. A case has been registered in this incident. The case is being investigated in the Penal Court under Section 306.

Police say the two Bangladeshis killed were accused of extortion by kidnapping workers from different countries in Malaysia. So far, they have seized 2.5 million Malay ringgit to demand a ransom.

The involvement of Bangladeshi nationals in some other incidents this month is forcing the Malaysian government to take a tough stance. It is feared that expatriate Bangladeshis may be deprived of some opportunities if such unjust activities continue. For example, cancellation of PR of PR recipients, ban on issuance of various types of visas, repatriation after being detained on immigration, arrest of Bangladeshis inside the country, etc.

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