Tuesday , 20 April 2021

Arshi in the movie Covid-Nineteen in Bangladesh


Popular actress Arshi is going to act in the movie Covid-Nineteen in Bangladesh directed by Ahiduzzaman Diamond. Ahiduzzaman Diamond, the producer of the National Film Award winning issue film, has made a name for himself after making the information-based film Rohingya with the film Kodiv-19.

He is making this film by enriching the materials of various inhuman incidents that took place in the Kodiv-19 epidemic. His presentation is a lot like a newspaper report. He is going to make an essay film just like the newspaper report.

This film reflects the changes that Kovid-19 has brought to people’s lives, the fact that every person is becoming single from the family. Earlier, Arshi played an important role in a Rohingya film.

Arshi is supposed to play the role of a nurse in the movie Kovid-19. It is learned that playwright Asaduzzaman Noor is likely to play the lead role in the film.

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