Tuesday , 20 April 2021

Bangladesh has never done anything to the detriment of the friendly country – Arif to EU

On July 13, 2020, a video conference on ‘Climate Change’ organized by the European Union was attended by the German Minister of Environment, MPs from European countries, students studying climate and environmental activists.

Arif Rahman Shibli, a child rights activist from Bangladesh, got the opportunity to participate in the event for the first time from outside Europe.


According to sources in Dhaka, Tarin Arif, a Bangladeshi who has been praised by UNICEF and Save the Children, got the opportunity to participate in the conference at the suggestion of several ambassadors of European influential countries stationed in Dhaka. In a video conference, German Environment Minister Sেvenz Schulz answered various questions about the young generation’s views on climate change.


Arif, a child rights activist who participated in the conference on behalf of Bangladesh, raised the issues of floods, earthquakes and lightning deaths in Bangladesh every year due to climate change and called on the European Union to provide financial assistance to work on the issue. He asked the environment minister to come forward. Speaking at the end of the video conference, Arif said, “Bangladesh has never done anything to the detriment of its friends, past experience does not say so. Many of those responsible have already been arrested on the instructions of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.”

In this regard, the Bangladesh government is working hard to maintain friendly relations with all countries in the world, including Europe, so that no passenger can travel anywhere in the world with the virus through the airport. According to a source in the European Union, German Environment Minister Sovein Schulz has promised to discuss with the German Federal Republic and the European Union Parliament the assistance sought by the youth of Bangladesh at a time when European countries are moving towards degrading and isolating Bangladesh in the Corona virus situation.

At that moment, the video conference speech of the young Bangladeshi in front of the Member of Parliament of the European Union and the German Minister of Environmental Affairs was really appreciated by the international relations experts of Bangladesh including the European expatriates.

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