Saturday , 19 September 2020

Free medical care for expatriate Bangladeshis in Virginia

Rafiqul Islam Akash, from Washington DC-

A team of four doctors provided this healthcare to expatriate Bangladeshis who do not have insurance coverage at the Walter Reed Community Center in Arlington, Virginia, on Saturday, November 30th. Priya Bangla, a popular organization in Metro Washington DC, provides free medical advice, prescriptions, disability benefits and immigration assistance to the elderly at work, discount cards for prescription drugs, and free psychiatric, general practitioner treatment services. Priyabangla Free Medical Advice has been providing quarterly services in Virginia for the last two years.
The doctors who volunteered under the guidance of Dr. Syed Mahtab Ahmed, Chief Adviser of Priya Bangla Free Clinic, are Dr. Rakesh Mathur, Dr. Adrita Ashraf and Dr. Kirat Parmar. Dear Bengali expatriates, we request the Bangladeshis to extend their hand of overall cooperation to make this medical service universal.
On behalf of Priyo Bangla, those who have cooperated from the present are: Lubabah Rahman Churi, Muna Rahman, Mahfuzur Rahman, Rafiqul Islam Akash, Damien Dias, Puli Karmakar, Priyalal Karmakar and others. The local Bangladeshi Aladdin restaurant serves lunch to the volunteers.
The next day of quarterly health care will be announced shortly.

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