Tuesday , 20 April 2021

In KSA, expatriates are dying every day by a deadlier disease than corona


Mohammad Firoz: The world is terrified due to the epidemic Corona virus, thousands of lives are being lost. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. So far 5 expatriate Bangladeshis have died in Saudi Arabia due to corona infection. But since the onset of the epidemic in the country, 25 people have died of heart disease. These expatriate remittance fighters are being added to the death procession every day.

Heart disease is taking away the lives of thousands and expatriates every day. This is called a silent killer. Again, it is recognized as a deadly disease all over the world. Twenty-five percent of all heart attacks die within an hour.

Recently, the death rate of expatriate Bangladeshis due to this disease has been increasing in Saudi Arabia, a country in the Middle East. Statistics show that the number of expatriate deaths has increased by 13 percent in 2019 compared to the previous year. Although this is just an account of the corpses of legal migrant workers returning to the country. In most cases, the cause of death of these workers is stroke and heart disease. Most of them are in the age group of 25-35 years.

According to government estimates, most of the bodies go to the Middle East each year, and most of them go to Saudi Arabia. The government is recognizing remittance fighters, sending remittances to the country when the head is sweating, the country is becoming a developed-prosperous country today, why all these remittance fighters are dying prematurely, why are migrant workers dying of stroke and heart disease even after healthy people leave the country Shouldn’t the government look into it?

Channel I Saudi Arabia correspondent MY Alauddin has also been working with journalists and workers in Saudi Arabia for a long time. He said that most of the workers from Bangladesh came abroad with loans, many of them did not get the salary that the brokers said after coming abroad with high interest money from someone or moneylender. There is a lot of hard work involved with this. Thus many expatriate workers died of heart attacks due to physical and mental stress.

He added that spending less than four to five lakh rupees in Saudi Arabia is less than the cost of living abroad, and that loneliness could be a major cause of heart disease among migrant workers as they have been separated from their relatives for a long time.

Mohammed Idris, who works for a private company in Jeddah, said: Company shutdown, layoffs, no work outside, lockdown, room life, business shutdown, no money to run on your own, don’t always panic!

It is doubtful whether the body will go to the country if he dies. On the other hand, there is no opportunity to go to the country after the death of a loved one. Because, the flight is closed for safety. A few days ago, the expatriates were burdened by their own country, but now they are burdened by their own burden. For this reason, he thinks that the death rate due to heart disease is increasing.

Expatriate Naeem Uddin, who has been in the travel and tourism business for a long time, thinks that all kinds of business and career are closed due to the influence of Corona. Every intention is to lose the job. He is spending his days in panic and anxiety. The same goes for food and drink in exile, starting from house rent to Kapil (employer) money. How to send money for the family at the end of the month, all in all, life is in turmoil.

The condition of those who are doing business is horrible, every day they have to count the loss book, employee’s salary, shop rent and related expenses. I am getting sick from this and I have to go away prematurely with this worry in my head in my sleep.

Though the tired and sick body of the expatriates is in exile, the mind remains in the motherland. The mind is always crying for its loved ones. How are they, how are they eating. The only concern of the expatriates is what will happen to my family if I get infected with this virus?

Expatriates are lost to ensure the safety of their families where their future is uncertain. So I am very happy if I can send money for my family in any way. The lives of the expatriates are constantly thinking about their own people without thinking about death in exile by thinking about their family.

These helpless expatriates are waiting for such a dawn, when they will wake up and hear that the whole world is healthy! Epidemic Corona’s storm has stopped.

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