Tuesday , 20 April 2021

King’s speech to the nation about the Corona situation


Human health and safety is my first priority, and I do my best to ensure the health and safety of all Saudi citizens and residents living in Saudi Arabia. The King of Saudi Arabia, Khademul Haramain Ash Sharifain Salman bin Abdul Aziz, made the remarks in a speech to the nation on Thursday evening about the status of the deadly corona virus.

“Dear citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia (may God keep you healthy and safe), we are surely going through a turning point in history,” he said. But we believe, this time will go away and good days will come inshaAllah. Because Allah Almighty says ان مع العسر يسرا.
All sorts of measures have been taken on behalf of your beloved country to deal with the global epidemic and by the grace of Allah it has that capability. I want to assure you that this holy land will provide you with adequate amounts of medicine and food. All government institutions must take the necessary steps to treat every citizen and resident of their health department first and foremost. My sincere congratulations to all the employees involved in this, including government agencies.

He thinks the days ahead will be more difficult. However, with full trust and confidence in God Almighty, I would like to reassure you that in the future, God willing, we will face this danger and do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of every citizen and Muqeem.

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