Tuesday , 20 April 2021

Three Bangladeshis die of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Three Bangladeshis have died in Medina, Saudi Arabia, after contracting the corona virus. Muminul Islam, legal assistant at the Bangladesh Consulate in Jeddah, confirmed the matter, saying, “We have so far confirmed that three Bangladeshis have died of the corona virus. Of the three people who have been confirmed dead, one was a doctor and one was working for the Medina Al Sulaiman Fahad Company, the other was working in a market in Medina.

The dead were identified as Afaq Hossain, 56, Korban Ali, 54, and Mohammad Hassan, 38, of a hospital in Medina. Dr. Afaq Hussein and his family were working at the Safa Al Medina Private Hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Afaq, an Afghan man, contracted corona and treated the man in the doctor’s chambers. It is believed that the man contracted the corona virus in his body. Dr. Afaq Hossain died in a hospital in Medina on the morning of March 31. Dr. Afaq’s house is the son of Amjad Hossain of Sadar police station in Narail district.

The second was Korban Ali, who worked for the Solomon Fahad Company in Medina. He went to the hospital with fever, cough and respiratory problems and later tested positive for coronavirus. He breathed his last at Al Zahra Hospital in Medina at around 8pm on Tuesday, March 24. The deceased was identified as Koraban Ali, son of Rezaul Karim of Sadapur Puran village in Savar upazila of Dhaka district. Korban Ali was reported to the Jeddah Consulate in Bangladesh on Monday from Al Zahra Hospital in Medina. However, none of his relatives have contacted the Jeddah consulate so far. The Jeddah Consulate Wing has sent a letter to the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare detailing the matter. The letter said the hospital authorities had informed the health ministry to take further steps.

The Bangladesh Consulate is in touch with the authorities. The third is Mohammad Hasan, son of Alhaj Liaquat Ali, a resident of South Chakfirani Durlub, Barahatia Union, Lohagara Upazila, Chittagong District. Mohammad Helal, younger brother of the late Mohammad Hassan, confirmed the news, saying, “My older brother used to work in Medina Al Taiba Market. He was taken to a friend’s house on a farm a short distance from Medina, where he was hospitalized with a cold and cough. When the coronavirus was detected three days after admission, he was closely monitored by the Saudi Ministry of Health. But communication with the family has been cut off for the past six days. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. He died at a government hospital in Medina on Tuesday morning, March 31. In Saudi Arabia, the number of coronary heart disease patients currently stands at 1,583, of which 10 have died and 175 have returned home healthy.

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