Tuesday , 20 April 2021

Times are changing in Europe, including France

In Europe, including France, at three o’clock on Sunday night, the clock will go forward one hour, which means that if two o’clock, it will come to the house at three o’clock. The five-hour gap with Bangladesh will be reduced to four hours.

A day light saving method is followed to make more use of daylight. So Europeans including France can go to work in the morning after sleeping for more than an hour. The first day light saving method was followed in Britain and Ireland in Europe after World War II. This method was first followed in France in 1917. However, this method was abolished in France in 1945.

Later, in 1973, the daylight system was reintroduced in France for the same purpose. Then in 1996 the day light saving system was introduced across Europe. In 2001, it was incorporated into European law. However, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Iceland in Europe no longer use this method.

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