Friday , 4 December 2020

We want you to be just the way you are: to Mr. Mayor of Narsindi


Kmruzzaman Kamrul, the mayor of Narsingdi doing well for the society

Sadman Khan, from Paris:

The Bengali community of France is delighted & proud of the activities of the mayor of Narsingdi, a city of their country. His name is Kamruzzaman Kamrul.

This mayor calls himself the servant of people. He considers the income of his own businesses as his people’s, rather than his own!

He never cares of his own life. If needed, he does not hesitate to spend nights on roads. If he listens of anyone’s food crisis, he sends food in front of their houses, silently in night, not informing anyone.

In this corona crisis, not caring of his own life, this mayor, since the beginning of corona attack till now, he himself is keeping the updates of every family, reaching there by himself & filling the needs of them with his own expense.

Besides the funding of the government, he took the expenditure of 50 thousand hand sanitizers, 50 thousand liquid soaps, 50 thousand masks & for the spraying of bleaching powder mixed water on over the city roads.


Works by the mayor of Narsingdi Mr. kamruzzaman kamrul during covid19 crisis in Bangladesh

20 thousand families are being given relief by him(on-going).
Also the delivery of delicious food to 5 thousand people throughout the holy Ramadan, 25 thousand people had been delivered with roasted chicken, polao, eggs, firni and pure water on the day of Eidul Fiter. Also in Eidul Azha, a lot of people have been fed.
Moreover, 20 thousand people have been given 10 kg rice each, on the occasion of 15th August.

5000 PPE have been delivered, 8 microbe killer tunnels were established by him.
Besides, he has helped the farmers in cutting paddy & has delivered paddy cutter machines according to the needs of farmers.


Other social works by the mayor

This mayor helps to clean the city by his own hands. This mayor, not only in this time of corona, but throughout the year, remains beside the poor people.

He never lets anyone stay without food, he never lets anyone go empty handed, he can die for his people with a smiling face.

Mr. Mayor, the Bengali community of France is congratulating you, because if every country & every city gets a mayor like you, the citizens will have a greater life, as you, besides the government funding, spending own earned money for the people.

The Bangladeshi people living in France, want you to be just the way you are now.

The Bangladeshi community of France is giving cordial thanks to the mayor.

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